Thursday, September 01, 2005


1000s may be dead

well the situation has got worse and i am still in awe of katrina's great power and this can hurt and help the economy killing off a lot of the poor which take our tax dollars

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

was disappointed at first when worst case scenario did not play out then levees started to break and a mets fantasy came true yesterday and today and this is truely..also disappointed at the fact it was a cat 4 but the destruction makes up for it

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Hurricane Katrina

Sitting here watching media coverage of katrina and all I can think about is the wonderful disaster this beauty will cause and only people left are poor idiotic african american children who were too dumb to get out in time...i should feel sorry for these people but my love of weather has me not caring a bit and i am only interested in what katrina can do as a met as old as me may not be around to witness such a wonderful event many times in my life.

Sure many may die but that will give me something to watch on the news and there just black anyway.


katrina forecast

At this point its all radar recon and Satellite pictures folks. Weathr models are pretty much usless at this point With respect to the landfall point. The afternoon recon showed she dropped several more MB .... to 902.... making her the 4th strongest landfall hurricane. Some of the weenie hyseria is getting a little extreme.... I saw one post from someone trying to say that Katrina is the strongest Gulf of Mexico hurricane ever.... Clearly Katrina is now doing NW and I think she will be tracking NNW by say 8-9 PM this evening and reach due North around Midnight... If this happens then Katrina wont reach 90 west Long which is exactly what I have been saying since Saturday. But of course this is going to very tight... and the wobbles of this massive annular cane are going to be important .

I have also seen comment that the winds are going to be so strong on Monday the Superdome in New Orleans is going to be heavly damaged killing THOUSANDS.... that is NOT going to happen folks.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Welcome to my weather commentator blog

I forecast lots of weather on my site but this gives me chances to comment on storms and failures of NHC and other people in the weather community and I will also answer any questions you may have about weather or me you can contact me with the following information...

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