The Best of Sickman

05/25/2007 Sometimes, being a smartass can backfire

05/01/2007 My morning of hell... and an eye (and nose)-opening discovery

03/12/2007 The Courtesy Flush Chronicles

02/21/2007 Let's discuss diarrhea for a minute

12/15/2006 The Broken Chain, ...and my broken spirit

11/08/2006 The Assault of Spider-Man

10/12/2006 Care Bears, and the diaper pail dilemna

09/29/2006 Our new employee is fitting right in

08/14/2006 To push, or not to push, That was the question...

08/03/2006 Bath Time Horrors

07/09/2006 My coming-to-the-conference adventure, Only me...

06/18/2006 I took my work home with me yesterday

05/26/2006 Making lemonade out of, um... lemons

05/04/2006 Old People, and a Bad Decision

04/28/2006 Indian Food, and Father-Son Bonding

04/18/2006 A Nice Day of Bonding With My Son....Until...

04/01/2006 I Had a Duel to the Death Today

03/23/2006 The Stomach Virus, and the Stray Cat Hair

03/15/2006 I Had a Sense of Impending Doom Today

03/04/2006 Something About the Bathroom at my Job

02/10/2006 I Got My Fix....and All is Well

01/30/2006 Here's Why Some People Should be Forcibly Sterilized

01/27/2006 It Was All The Shoes' Fault

12/17/2005 My New Kitten... and the Courtesy "Morning Tug"

12/01/2005 Something Horrible and Hilarious Happened at Work Today

10/31/2005 "Daddy, My Butt's Making Noise!"

10/05/2005 Nose Nuggets

09/20/2005 AHHH! Nothing Like the Fresh Smell of...

04/27/2005 My Son is Turning Into Linus

02/21/2005 I Had a Tragic Toothbrush Accident This Morning

12/24/2004 I Need to Vent or Somebody Dies

06/16/2004 Is There Something in the Water Up Here or am I Becoming a Dirty Old Man?